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A Celebration of Female Filmmakers


The Nightingale (2018) - Jennifer Kent

The revenge film is one of cinema's most versatile and diverse forms. It spans most genres, and in recent years has become something of...

EMMA. (2020) - Autumn de Wilde

EMMA. is uproariously fun, moving, delightful, and a genuinely uplifting experience. Adaptation of novels by classic writers such as Jane...

Happiest Season (2020) - Clea DuVall

Christmas movies are hard to get right. They need to give you a perfect balance of schmaltz, joy, festivity, humour, and heartfelt...

Rocks (2020) - Sarah Gavron

Rocks opens with a group of young girls look out over a vista of London. They joke, tease, and are at ease with each other. With an...

On the Rocks (2020) - Sofia Coppola

There is always the appearance of an effortlessly cool aura that Sofia Coppola films exude and there is no better actor to embody that...

Clemency (2019) - Chinonye Chukwu

Clemency is a masterpiece that contains one of recent cinema's great performances and assured, brilliant direction from Chinonye Chukwu

Jacquot de Nantes (1991) - Agnès Varda

Recently I've been on something of a journey of discovery with Agnes Varda, working my way through Artificial Eye's boxset. I've now seen...

A New Leaf (1971) - Elaine May

"Perfect" was how Roger Ebert opened his review of Elaine May's brilliant, classic comedy A New Leaf. And that pretty much sums up this...

The Assistant (2020) - Kitty Green

Kitty Green's masterful The Assistant is a quiet, understated masterpiece that could be easily dismissed by those not attuned to its...

Revenge (2017) - Coralie Fargeat

The revenge film is an exhausted genre most often lacking in originality and nuance. When films like John Wick can build an entire...

Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) - Trish Sie

Pitch Perfect 3 is a narrative mess. Completely unnecessary and yet brilliantly hilarious and a real feelgood film. Let's be honest. If...



A Celebration of Female Filmmakers throughout the history of cinema

Women were an integral part of early cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. Then the studios rose to dominance and women were sidelined. For much of cinema men dominated behind the camera. Even those women who played vital roles in cinema were under appreciated and not sufficiently celebrated. Only recently has the balanced begun to be redressed. This blog is a celebration of the female voices of cinema. Their films, their visions and the fight to have a place behind the camera. Telling stories that matter to them.


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